You Never Knew Car Insurance Covered -Tips To File Your Car Insurance Claim Correctly

Owners of cars may join or update car insurance. Not all of us are struggling to read policy documents. As a result, I miss the important benefits covered by this policy.

For example, many car owners are not aware that being a member of the Indian Automobile Research Association (ARAI) has the right to discount car insurance premiums.

Several other generally missing aspects listed below are car insurance policies: 1. Beyond the cover of a mere accident
In contrast to the general way of thinking, car insurance is not just accident damage. Damage / loss caused by events beyond your control are also covered. This includes natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms, landslides and other human disasters such as theft, riots, theft, damage during transportation, terrorist acts

2. Towel exemption
Odd hours of time, especially driving on highways and remote areas, is associated with the inconvenience of not being able to find a garage / machine in case of failure. Even if you can find help, your situation will be the basis of a mechanic to charge huge amounts to tow the car into the garage.

What you might not notice is that if your car encounters an accident you can claim a towing charge to a certain limit under a basic cover. This year’s policy update will also update this cover page. Even if we need to tow a car many times in a year, the policy covers it. For example, even if you pay the full amount for a one-time tow or pay INR 100 at 15 tow, if you have a tow cover of INR 1,500, your automobile insurance policy will cover it.

3. Document free renewal
In our country, most processes, including documents, are time consuming, cumbersome and time-consuming. However, you can easily update your car insurance online without filling out a complicated form. Updating online policies is a faster, easier, cheaper, accessible option and includes zero documentation. Different online payment modes are available, so you can update your online policy in minutes with a few clicks.

4. Discount on Third Party Premium
The third party insurance premium covers comprehensively the compensation for damages of third parties that may occur in property or person (injury / death) in the event of an accident. Under these circumstances, the automobile insurance policy helps you to refund loss / damage to third parties. All car insurance policies also include covers for third parties and Own Damage (cover to protect your car).

However, if you are convinced that you can avoid such third party claims situation, or if you are able to voluntarily manage small damages, please lower the third party’s compensation limit You can request it. Discounts on premiums that you need to pay to third party covers.

5. Car Accessories Insurance
In case of accident / damage, the basic car insurance cover is only applied to cars, not applicable to the accessories included in the car. However, you can guarantee the accessories of the car by selecting a separate add-on dedicated to the accessory. This may boost the premium to a certain extent (it is based on what you cover exactly), but it is far more cost effective than purchasing new accessories in case of damage or loss due to an accident It gets higher.

6. 24/7 spot assistance
If your car is isolated anywhere, spot assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days will be your assistance. This add-on includes covers for important equipment such as car tow, taxi arrangement, fuel / legal support.

7. Zero depreciation table
In automobile insurance, depreciation is calculated as the rate at which the value of automotive parts declines as the age of the vehicle approaches. At the time of the claim, the insurance company calculates the amount of damages by applying the damages rate. It is necessary for the insured to bear the difference between the amount of damages depreciated and the market price of the new contract. However, by taking an add-on cover of zero depreciation, the car owner can obtain comprehensive coverage without taking into account depreciation.

8. Engine protection cover
By selecting the engine protective cover, if the engine of the car stops due to oil leakage or water intrusion, or if the gearbox is damaged, the insurer will bear the cost of repairing.

9. Accident shield
By taking this cover, we compensate all occupants in the event of a general or obvious death accident due to the accident.

10. Tax savings
In principle, those who use the car for personal use can not take advantage of personal car insurance tax deductions. However, for business owners using vehicles for business purposes, car insurance premiums paid will be subject to tax deduction under Article 88 of the Income Tax Code. Also, the vehicle must be the name of the company or the name of the employer.

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